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We provide innovative solutions that facilitate seamless communication between dealerships and the public.


3 Text Powered Tools. 1 Innovative Platform.

Text & Chat

Text & Chat uses TextingDealer's proprietary technology to enable instant, frictionless text-based connections.

Trade & Sell

Trade & Sell by TextingDealer helps dealerships buy more cars and take in more trades completely by text.

Review & Retain

Review & Retain by TextingDealer increases your online reviews, improves OEM surveys and drives retention.


Our exclusive technology is helping our Dealer Partners achieve response rates in excess of 90%. Industry average is below 60%.
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Increased Response Rates

Our Dealer Partners using Text & Chat are able to get a shopper response over 90% of the time. 30% higher than the industry average for leads.

More Inventory

Our dealer Dealer Partners using Trade & Sell are acquiring 5-60 trades per month. Open rates on sent Real Offers are in excess of 80%.

Reputations Enhanced

Our Dealer Partners using Review & Retain see an average monthly Google Review star rating of 4.76 stars for both sales and service.

Budgets Improved

Our Dealer Partners benefit monetarily from affordable solutions and package options. Savings range from $199 to over $1,500 a month.

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Our pricing is transparent and affordable.



No long term contracts. Month-to-month from the start. We believe our tools should have to earn your business. 


Implementation and Support

 We’re their for you from agreement to launch and then when ever you need us! Our job is to respond in 1 hr or less. 



Our products perform exceptionally well and help dealers sell more, buy more and retain more each month.

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